Hall of Fame Alumni Association


By Pierre Filion 

‘’Some people see things as they are and ask why; I dream things that never were and ask ‘’why not’’?

Most of us think that the quote is from Robert Kennedy, but it was originally from George Bernard Shaw in a play called ‘’ Back to Methuselah’’; Robert Kennedy loved that quote and used it to suggest or promote changes and openness.

We could readily use it here to suggest the creation of a Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Famers’ Alumni Association.


Well, first, because it does not exist and could be created very simply, and democratically, if enough Hall of Famers wish to participate in their Association. As an Alumni ‘’our’’ interests and wishes will be better served by ourselves instead of depending on others.  We are always better served by ourselves.


Well, second, because the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Famers have contributed so much to the game and have so much more to contribute. At present time many Hall of Famers hesitate not to say that they were ‘’inducted and then buried’’. Forgotten by the game which made them great in their respective fields (players, builders, officials, etc). Forgotten and ignored. I’ve always admired the way the Montréal Canadiens treat their former players not because they were great (which many indeed were…) but mostly because the former players are the living carriers of the culture of the team, the tradition of the team and in many ways the wisdom that helps the team move forward. In our game our great ones are part and parcel of the culture of the game; and culture is not just the past; it’s the present and the future.


Well, third, because the Hall of Famers have ‘’interests’’ to be protected and developed; social interests, community interests, financial interests, sports related interests, cultural interests, visibility and recognition… Sure, their names are on a wall at the Hall of Fame, but they could well be better glorified in so many other ways; and they also could contribute in ways never yet explored.

Does the idea make sense?

You bet it does.

What could be done?

  • Set up a representative Board of Directors.
  • Appoint a ‘’volunteer agent’’ who would set up a democratic association, draft by laws, incorporate the association and establish membership criteria and fundraising processes
  • Establish the areas where an association could serve the best interests of the members AND of the game itself.

Practically speaking what could be done?

Well, here are a few suggestions…

In the area of visibility and community involvement:

  • A newsletter sent to the members
  • A ‘’where are they now’’ section
  • A ‘’Happy birthday card’’…
  • Regional get together for Hall of Famers… (roundtables, committees, happy hour, task forces, etc)
  • Special clothing; cap, golf shirt, jacket…
  • Invitation to opening face offs in different leagues (amateur or professional)
  • Presence at National championships; presentation of medals or trophies
  • Guest analysts on TV at important and significant games and championships
  • An article on ‘’What has the game brought to me and how has it made me a better person’’ in local papers
  • Presence at Induction banquets and through the selection process of future Hall of Famers
  • Speakership at different events (associations, corporations, companies, summer camps, lacrosse training camps) where the accent on leadership and performance is the object of concern
  • Participation, as experts, within Lacrosse Canada’s coaching and officiating committees
  • Expertise within Lacrosse Canada’s rule change committee
  • Lead tours of the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame for visiting National Teams when events are held in BC…
  • Twin up with an NHL Hall of Famer (or star player) from the same city or from the same background; partake in an article on ‘’the quest for excellence in ‘’our’’ national sports’’…

In the financial area:

  • Look at the possibility of negotiating deals in the field of insurance (life, house, cars,)
  • Partner with Heritage Canada or with Indian Affairs to solicit grants and establish relationships
  • Act as agents for upcoming star players to be drafted by professional lacrosse leagues…

Is that enough for now?

If not, surely you can bring up other ideas to celebrate our great ones! Your voice counts!

Someone has to step up if this is to happen.